Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If they won't, we must

Of all the Serb-haters in the US establishment, the current vice-president of the US Joseph Biden was the worst. The filth he uttered is to horrid for me to repeat them here but if you have the stomach, try here. So how can he now come to Serbia for an official visit?

The governement will obviously give the excuse that Biden was duly elected but rest assured that they don't care about Biden's words or misdeeds towards our people. They are even acquiescing to his demand that he does not meet the foreign minister Vuk Jeremić who at least wants to make it appear that he actually wants to protect Serbia's interest.

So it was left up to Serbia's patriotic organizations and common people to voice the real mood of the country. Several of them announced demonstrations for today, because all gatherings for tomorrow, the day Biden's visit is scheduled, are forbidden. Which, incidentally, proves the point I made about the governement attitude far exceeding common diplomatic courtesy.


Gray Falcon said...

Perhaps the right way for Serbs to treat Biden's visit tomorrow would be to boycott the government completely. Take a day off work, turn off the TV, leave the streets empty. Show the Serb-hater that he may be getting the sniveling courtesy of the quislings, but the people consider him a nuisance.

Then again, Biden is just a symptom. Demoncracy is the disease...

eric siverson said...

Bidden is nothing to pay any attention to .I would not even let him in the country , He's a politician , maybe a nice man but incrediabley stupid and miss informed about almost evreything and most of us know this