Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feel safe in this world of ours?

The world(it's sane part, at least) was shocked when the full story of the kidnapping, captivity and death of Ilan Halimi, a French Jew, came to light. This young man was abducted by an Islamic gang called The Barbarians, an apt name if there ever was one, and then tortured, humiliated and abused solely for the pleasure of his captors.

If you thought it could not get any worse then this, think again. Now we learn that the family of the victim was and still is under orders to be quiet about the whole aspects of the crime. The trial is held behind closed doors because some of the perpetrators were minors. And to top it all the magazine which published a photo that depicts the full horror of the ordeal Halimi has been through has been ordered off the shelf. I bet this reinforces faith in modern law enforcement and judicial system, doesn't it?

But when you think about it, it is logical that the authorities act in this way. There is more at stake then just the Ilan Halimi case itself. Should the public get to know all the aspects and the full context of this crime it just might start asking a question or two. Such as, how could such violent people live among them? What kind of culture breeds such cruel murderers? Why was it left to fester and why was there no meaningful attempt to curtail it? And where is the present course of the society, which evidently tolerates such phenomenons until it's too late, leading us?

The answers the these questions are obvious and very dangerous to the transnational-progressive establishment. And so they must prevent them from being asked and if the cost is inconveniance and injustice to the victims and their families, so be it. And you could very well be the next Ilan Halimi.

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Anonymous said...

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