Tuesday, April 07, 2009

We knew that already, but it's good that he admitted

For years holocaust deniers claimed they were simply "dedicated to the truth", that they are solely motivated by "intellectual honesty" and that they bear no ill feelings towards the Jews as such. Well, those of us who knew better have just been vindicated by one of their most prominent spokesmen, Mark Weber. In his latest article he all but admits that the entire holocaust denial enterprise was a ruse in order to achieve a concrete political goal, namely to weaken the alleged "Jewish-Zionist power". Not only that, Weber, albeit using euphemisms, finally comes out with the admission that the holocaust did, in fact, happen. First, he quotes a couple of entries from the Goebbels diaries and then continues:

No informed person disputes that Europe's Jews did, in fact, suffer a great catastrophe during the Second World War. Millions were forced from their homes and deported to brutal internment in crowded ghettos and camps. Jewish communities across Central and Eastern Europe, large and small, were wiped out. Millions lost their lives. When the war ended in 1945, most of the Jews of Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and others countries were gone.

Given all this, it should not be surprising that even well-founded revisionist arguments are often dismissed as heartless quibbling.

Errrm, no Mark...They were dismissed because they consisted of speculation, sophistry and outright falsehoods.

So, now that Weber has seen the light he will withdraw from public light and seek to atone for his misdeeds? Don't bet on it!

Jewish-Zionist power is a palpable reality with harmful consequences for America, the Middle East, and the entire global community. In my view, and as I have repeatedly emphasized, the task of exposing and countering this power is a crucially important one.7 In that effort, Holocaust revisionism cannot play a central role.
Setting straight the historical record about the wartime fate of Europe’s Jews is a worthy endeavor. But there should be no illusions about its social-political relevance. In the real world struggle against Jewish-Zionist power, Holocaust revisionism has proved to be as much a hindrance as a help.

There it is, straight out of the horse's mouth: the real motive behind the actions of Weber and his ilk is indeed their animosity towards the Jews and a wish to do them harm. And if the means is falsifying history while presenting oneself as a supposed "truth-seeker" then so be it. When it comes to Jews all bets are off, Weber's MO is typical that of a pathological antisemite(which we now have the confirmation that he is).

All these years Weber, Irving et al claimed that the holocaust is a hoax. But they were projecting. The only hoax was their so-called movement.

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