Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's not just land they are trying to steal

Desperate to obtain anything resembling a legitimacy for the so-called "Republic of Kosovo" Albanian separatists and their EU and NATO sponsors have imbarked on a new plundering expedition. This time their prey are the Serbian Orthodox churches and Monastaries as well as history in general.

Well, March 2004 has shown just how much they care about their supposed cultural heritage. That is argument enough to put the entire issue to rest and shut it's initiators up for good. Or rather, it would ne in a sane world...The current governement of Serbia expresses only timid, general reaction and one can rest assured that they will not dare mention Albanian vandalism of 2004.

We need not worry that our people in Kosovo and Metohija will throw these so-called history books in the bin. But word of such actions sponsored by EU officials must reach the general public in order to reveal the true nature of this creation, one that is bent on robbing people not only of their land but of their culture and history. This should be the first and basic step towards thwarting EU propaganda in Serbia and turning the tide of public opinion against it.

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