Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And he is still in Belgrade

The USA continues to poke Serbia in the eye, this time from the mouth of their ambassador in Belgrade, Cameron Munter, who insists that it will be his country that will file a brief with the International Court of Justice at the Hague in support of the illegal declaration of independence of Kosovo and Metohija.

But in the end, why shouldn't he, when he has on the oppostite side(at least techincally, if not substantially) a governement spineless enough not to even make his post merely a theoretical concept until his country makes certain remedies? I also hope that those who voted for the current ruling coalition in Serbia would at least spare me their false indignation which are frankly worse then Munter's rantings. Be honest with yourselves for once in your life.

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M said...

He's one of many foreigners who should have never been allowed to work and live in Beograd. Instead, foreigners like me would love to have the chance to live in Beograd!