Monday, March 09, 2009

They shouldn't have, end of story!

Serbian public was rocked to the core after finding out that Serbia's two best female tennis players Ana Ivanović and Jeena Janković met and photographed themselves with former American president Bill Clinton, the same man that planned and executed US and NATO war of agression against Serbia. While a vast majority condemns such a move, there are also those that defend them under the mantra that "sports and politics should not mix".

Those who say that are, plainly and simply, even dumber then those two. It was they who started mixing sports and politics by agreeing to meet him. Knowing what this man symbolizes for the Serbs and what he had done to the Serb people, they had to refuse to meet him. Thousands of Serbs were murdered and hundreds of thousands were forcibly driven away from their homes on Clinton's orders. All of them have families which are rightfully mortified over this. There were dozens of excuses they could make up, if they did not want to be honest. And even if they were, what aould have happened? The media would have scorned them? Sponsors would cancel their contracts? Possibly, but even under the worst case scenario they would have been better off then those left without families and homes as a direct result of clinton policies.

Before this Ana and Jelena had every Serb behind them, now a large part would despise them, and rightfully so. A high price to pay for a photo-op, but it's their own fault. Their gesture is injustifiable and undefensible. I only hope they won't try to buy forgiveness with any "humanitarian work".

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M said...

What a sad and stupid error. I do not believe Novak Djokovic or Milorad Cavic would make such a bad and discouraging mistake. I'm a guy who has a weak spot for Serb girls but this time, I must be very negative about this episode. It's true yet again that money is everything for most rich people, including most sports people. It's a real pity. Long live the Serbs!!!