Monday, March 30, 2009

Quod licet Iovi...

Brazilian president Lula has found the scapegoat for the current economic crisis. It's the bankers who are "white and blue-eyed".

Can you imagine what would happen if a head of an European state saying that the problem of terrorism is caused by "dark-skinned, dark-eyed nomads"? We would never hear the end of the calls for his ousting, every Tom, Dick and Harry would join the mob in order to hound out the nazi and the racist. Yet, the remark barely caught the attention of the media and the boneless wonder that is the current PM of the UK, in whose presence the words were uttered, just let it pass him. Apparently, there is racism and there is racism, one is politically correct the other isn't.

But one shouldn't be astonished. This fits perfectly in the liberal, progressive orthodoxy. Anything is permitted to the group identified as a "minority" or "oppressed" and standards to which the "oppressors" are rigoruosly upheld to cease to apply on the "oppressed group". It is a view so entrenched in the consciousness that few people question it privately and even fewer say it out loudly. That line of thinking is one of many that is in the roots of the malaise affecting modern European civilization and it's offshoots on other continents. As long as it exists, salvation and rebirth is but a distant dream.


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