Friday, March 20, 2009

The more he talks of change...

I stumbled across an interesting article on Obama published at American Thinker. The main theme is that for all talks of change the Obama administration changes very little, but it is told from an original angle. The analyis of the political moves made by Obama so far shows that the "new policies" are actually carbon-copies of those enacted years even decades ago. The piece ends with an intrigueing historical comparison:

People worry that Barack Obama is an American Lenin. No: Barack Obama is an American Konstantin Chernenko, a very dull man with very tired programs. The invented giddiness which Obama gets from the mainstream media is already getting tedious to the public. Pravda reports of addresses by General Secretary Chernenko invariably informed readers of the "prolonged, stormy applause" which followed. That is the banality of Obama.

Chernenko was, indeed, so dull, rigid and vapid that he with his appearance single-handeldy stripped down the cloak over the Soviet system and exposed it's complete lack of fresh ideas, solutions and policies adequate for the day and age for all the world to see. It was then that the system began to crumble in the eyes of Soviet citizens and eventually collapse completely. Is Obama going to do the same to liberalism-progressivism? There is no way of knowing that for certain, especially since he's been in office for only two months and may yet come up with something, but at this rate there is every reason to believe that he will be the Konstantin Chernenko of American liberalism, especially since he is considered liberalism's apotheosis whereas Chernenko was just an aparatchik. With that in mind, using the same historical parallels, it seems that US liberalism will not get a chance to have it's Gorbachev.

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