Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The key for revival

I've stumbled onto an interesting comment by Takuan Seiyo on Brussels Journal where he says:

In my view, however, it’s not Freedom of Speech that’s the most important one but the Freedom of Inequality. There are people whose speech ought not to be heard. Not just because of an intellectual judgment as to its substance, but a moral judgment as to its form.

And indeed this is the crux of the problem of the modern world: moral relativsm. Civilisation as we know it began it's collapse when the attitude that all opinions and ideas are equally worthy of hearing became prevalent. At that moment all core values were whisked away and in their place naturally came it's abhorrent antithesises having been on the margins for so long and waiting for the moment to take revenge. As a result we now live in a bizzaro-world in many aspects at best, or in an Orwellian world at worst and any debate is being either drowned in a see of trivialities and irrelevancies or simply supressed. There can be no revival of European civilisation and it's offshoots on other continents until this trend is reversed. This does not mean that people are not entitled to their opinions, it means that that they don't have a divine right to their opinions being taken seriously.

And it seems Mr.Seiyo and myself are in good company because Jacob Burckhardt warned what would happen if moral relativism took over a society(courtesy of Dr.Andrew Bostom):

...while Burckhardt affirmed the irreducible nature of freedom, and upheld equality before the law, he decried the notion—a pervasive, rigidly enforced dogma at present—that all ways of life, opinions, and beliefs were of equal value. Burckhardt argued that this conceptual reductio ad absurdum would destroy Western culture, heralding a return to barbarism.

And it is a logical conclusion to make. If absolute equality is to be achieved and maintained in a collective body, all individual members must be stripped down to the lowest common denominator, thus exibiting only it's characteristics and curtailing any tendency of one rising above the mass and, God forbid, taking it in his direction while leaving behind those unable to keep pace. It would be judgemental, you see...And we can not allow that in our happy post-modern world.


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