Monday, March 30, 2009

Quod licet Iovi...

Brazilian president Lula has found the scapegoat for the current economic crisis. It's the bankers who are "white and blue-eyed".

Can you imagine what would happen if a head of an European state saying that the problem of terrorism is caused by "dark-skinned, dark-eyed nomads"? We would never hear the end of the calls for his ousting, every Tom, Dick and Harry would join the mob in order to hound out the nazi and the racist. Yet, the remark barely caught the attention of the media and the boneless wonder that is the current PM of the UK, in whose presence the words were uttered, just let it pass him. Apparently, there is racism and there is racism, one is politically correct the other isn't.

But one shouldn't be astonished. This fits perfectly in the liberal, progressive orthodoxy. Anything is permitted to the group identified as a "minority" or "oppressed" and standards to which the "oppressors" are rigoruosly upheld to cease to apply on the "oppressed group". It is a view so entrenched in the consciousness that few people question it privately and even fewer say it out loudly. That line of thinking is one of many that is in the roots of the malaise affecting modern European civilization and it's offshoots on other continents. As long as it exists, salvation and rebirth is but a distant dream.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Guess who's making a profit of the economic crisis!

You propably did not need more then one go at it, but just in case anyone still wonders it's George Soros, of course. And he is hardly feeling guilty about it, on the contrary:

And while the financial crisis continued to deepen across the globe, the 78-year-old still managed to make $1.1 billion last year.

'It is, in a way, the culminating point of my life’s work,' he told national newspaper The Australian.

Culmination for him is the low point of millions. It was like that in Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia in the 1990s, and in the new millenium he decided to go global in his profiting on misfortunes of common people.

The article also dubs him as the man who predicted the present economic meltdown. One has to wonder, given Soros' MO, whether it was not a self-fullfilling prophecy...

The question that bears asking is where he will spend his newly-earned money? Countries that pretend to have independent economic and any other policies, BE AWARE!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

10 years

That much has passed since the NATO war of agression against the Serbian people in 1999. The agression is still going on, this time against our memories and our souls, perpetrated not only by foreign enemies but those from within as well. This blog was, among other reasons, established as a means of fighting and defeating the agressors. We must never forget this crime against us! And always, always call it by it's proper name, a crime...

Friday, March 20, 2009

The more he talks of change...

I stumbled across an interesting article on Obama published at American Thinker. The main theme is that for all talks of change the Obama administration changes very little, but it is told from an original angle. The analyis of the political moves made by Obama so far shows that the "new policies" are actually carbon-copies of those enacted years even decades ago. The piece ends with an intrigueing historical comparison:

People worry that Barack Obama is an American Lenin. No: Barack Obama is an American Konstantin Chernenko, a very dull man with very tired programs. The invented giddiness which Obama gets from the mainstream media is already getting tedious to the public. Pravda reports of addresses by General Secretary Chernenko invariably informed readers of the "prolonged, stormy applause" which followed. That is the banality of Obama.

Chernenko was, indeed, so dull, rigid and vapid that he with his appearance single-handeldy stripped down the cloak over the Soviet system and exposed it's complete lack of fresh ideas, solutions and policies adequate for the day and age for all the world to see. It was then that the system began to crumble in the eyes of Soviet citizens and eventually collapse completely. Is Obama going to do the same to liberalism-progressivism? There is no way of knowing that for certain, especially since he's been in office for only two months and may yet come up with something, but at this rate there is every reason to believe that he will be the Konstantin Chernenko of American liberalism, especially since he is considered liberalism's apotheosis whereas Chernenko was just an aparatchik. With that in mind, using the same historical parallels, it seems that US liberalism will not get a chance to have it's Gorbachev.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The key for revival

I've stumbled onto an interesting comment by Takuan Seiyo on Brussels Journal where he says:

In my view, however, it’s not Freedom of Speech that’s the most important one but the Freedom of Inequality. There are people whose speech ought not to be heard. Not just because of an intellectual judgment as to its substance, but a moral judgment as to its form.

And indeed this is the crux of the problem of the modern world: moral relativsm. Civilisation as we know it began it's collapse when the attitude that all opinions and ideas are equally worthy of hearing became prevalent. At that moment all core values were whisked away and in their place naturally came it's abhorrent antithesises having been on the margins for so long and waiting for the moment to take revenge. As a result we now live in a bizzaro-world in many aspects at best, or in an Orwellian world at worst and any debate is being either drowned in a see of trivialities and irrelevancies or simply supressed. There can be no revival of European civilisation and it's offshoots on other continents until this trend is reversed. This does not mean that people are not entitled to their opinions, it means that that they don't have a divine right to their opinions being taken seriously.

And it seems Mr.Seiyo and myself are in good company because Jacob Burckhardt warned what would happen if moral relativism took over a society(courtesy of Dr.Andrew Bostom):

...while Burckhardt affirmed the irreducible nature of freedom, and upheld equality before the law, he decried the notion—a pervasive, rigidly enforced dogma at present—that all ways of life, opinions, and beliefs were of equal value. Burckhardt argued that this conceptual reductio ad absurdum would destroy Western culture, heralding a return to barbarism.

And it is a logical conclusion to make. If absolute equality is to be achieved and maintained in a collective body, all individual members must be stripped down to the lowest common denominator, thus exibiting only it's characteristics and curtailing any tendency of one rising above the mass and, God forbid, taking it in his direction while leaving behind those unable to keep pace. It would be judgemental, you see...And we can not allow that in our happy post-modern world.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now THIS is tough defending!

You think Norman Hunter and "Chopper" Harris were hardmen?

Those two had nothing on these guys!

Monday, March 09, 2009

They shouldn't have, end of story!

Serbian public was rocked to the core after finding out that Serbia's two best female tennis players Ana Ivanović and Jeena Janković met and photographed themselves with former American president Bill Clinton, the same man that planned and executed US and NATO war of agression against Serbia. While a vast majority condemns such a move, there are also those that defend them under the mantra that "sports and politics should not mix".

Those who say that are, plainly and simply, even dumber then those two. It was they who started mixing sports and politics by agreeing to meet him. Knowing what this man symbolizes for the Serbs and what he had done to the Serb people, they had to refuse to meet him. Thousands of Serbs were murdered and hundreds of thousands were forcibly driven away from their homes on Clinton's orders. All of them have families which are rightfully mortified over this. There were dozens of excuses they could make up, if they did not want to be honest. And even if they were, what aould have happened? The media would have scorned them? Sponsors would cancel their contracts? Possibly, but even under the worst case scenario they would have been better off then those left without families and homes as a direct result of clinton policies.

Before this Ana and Jelena had every Serb behind them, now a large part would despise them, and rightfully so. A high price to pay for a photo-op, but it's their own fault. Their gesture is injustifiable and undefensible. I only hope they won't try to buy forgiveness with any "humanitarian work".

Friday, March 06, 2009


Even Obama's media cheerleaders could no longer hide the issue of him having a teleprompter virtually everywhere, though, predictably, they scorn and dismiss out of hand any suggestions that this is an indication that all is not completely rosy with their idol.

To us who have retained the ability to think for themselves the teleprompter is the ultimate proof that the Obama fenomenon is as fake as his oratory and strips it right down to it's bare essential as a vapid personality cult. The question is, when do others start noticing the same? I suppose when the socialist handout...erm, stimulus package bankrupts what is left of American economy...