Thursday, February 19, 2009

That's the way!

The new US Attorney General Eric holder has caused quite a stir with his latest remarks on inter-racial relations in America. Not only did he call his country "a nation of cowards" but also stepped into the realm of people's private lives by stating that "he workplace is largely integrated but Americans still self-segregate on the weekends and in their private lives."

You know this is wonderful, in it's own perverse way. This, ladies and gentlemen is globalist liberalism stripped right down to it's subtext. Finally we see it for what it really is. Behind all it's professions of freedom and tolerance it is in essence the first ideology outside the novels of George Orwell that seeks to implement thoughtcrime. No, not only are you not allowed to express negative feelings in public, you can not even choose your friends associates freely, you have to get the seal of approval of "anti-racist" NGOs and governement agencies for integration. All that so you could "face your past sins".

The fact that it took this for some people to see what's going on is proof that sometimes it is needed to borrow a page from the bolsheviks' books and behave according to Lenin's moto "the worse, the better". It seems the only way of giving sufficient proof to some people and springing them into action. Now that Holder has begun giving it to us, we want more! Hell, yes! Give us more bright ideas such as "two-minute hate" rituals, so we can finally have a backlash of freedom loving people that we have been waiting for so long, a backlash that will not only stop the progress of but also curtail globalist liberalism for good.

And don't for a moment believe this is "only in America"! It's coming to a country near you, in fact, it's already there in most of them.

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Anonymous said...

Hate speech that preaches violent overthrow of our government is allready illeagal . We really dont need special hate crime laws , All crimes are hatefull . Freedom of speech is very important , otherwise how can we affect behavior if its against the law to even talk about it . Often many laws lead to less freedom . particularly when the government chooses which laws to enforce and which laws to neglect to enforce .Eric siverson