Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's always someone else's fault

"Spiegel" has on it's enlish site a report on the "islamic revival" in Sarajevo in which they allegedly express concern about such development. If we leave out the fact that the magazine is some 20 years behind the facts on the field, the article does have it's interesting parts. One of it is that for the first time a mainstream paper jettisoned the cliche' about "200.000 murdered Muslim civilians" during the war and gave the correct assesment of 100.000 people killed without giving the nationality thereby implicitly admitting the number refers to all three sides of the conflict(with the obligatory additon of "80% civilian casualties being muslims"). In the paragraph that talks about it there are also a couple of sentences that describe fairly accuratly the mentality of Bosnian Muslims:

Many Bosnians have despised "the West" since 1992, when the United Nations arms embargo seriously impeded the military resistance of the Muslims in their war against the Serb aggressors. It wasn't until four years later, and after 100,000 people had died, that the international community -- at the urging and under the leadership of the US -- finally put an end to the slaughter. Over 80 percent of the dead civilians in the Bosnian War were Muslims.

This traumatic experience left a deep mark on the traditionally cosmopolitan Muslim Bosnians -- and opened the door to the Islamists.

You see, the bad behaviour of Bosnian muslims is always somebody else's fault. They are God's gift to humanity and even when they do bad things it is always a reaction to what they see as evil inflicted upon them or because they are not given what they see is rightfully theirs or because they do not recieve the debt they believe somebody owes them.

I would like to know where was their "traditional cosmopolitanism" when they overwhelmingly vote in 1990 for a party headed by a man who publicly supported the institution of sharia law and which made historical revisionism in the form of representing the Ottoman empire as a paragon of tolerance and enlightenment it's platform and which in it's pre-war rallies waved waved the traditional islamic symbol of crescent(something that blows the thesis of "islamic revival" being a recent phenomenon right out of the water). And don't get me started about the Hanjar SS division or the period of the Ottoman Bosnian vilayet. At the end of ends, didn't the leader of the party publicly state that he would "sacrifice peace for the sake of Bosnian unity". Is that too the fault of the west? And what does the west(or anybody else outside of Bosnia and Hercegovina for that matter) owe the Bosnian muslims and what kind of obligations does it have for them to despise it so much? Bosnian muslims elected people whose symbolic and rhetoric antagonized Orthodoy Serbs and Roman-catholic Croats. That combined with the inability of Bosnian muslim leadreship to recognize the legitimate interests of others brought the inevitable war with all of it's consequences. Why should anybody outside of Bosnia and Hercegovina feel that they are in anyway indebted to it or it's population?

Unfortunately, the story of the "debt" the west allegedly has towards Bosnia fell on fertile ground in the globalist, post-modern establishment. Unfortunate for Serbs foremost, and soon, it seems, for western countries as well. But no matter how hard they try to prove their "enlightenment" and "objectivity" it will always be their fault why "cosmopolitan" Bosnian muslims accepted "islamism".