Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Down with "hate speech"!

The laws criminalizing so-called "hate speech" are propably the pinnacle of the post-modernist ideologies' achievement. By curtailing freedom of expression with the broadest possible definition of the concept of "hate speech", usually that being any sort of oposition or criticism of the pillars of their ideology, truth-telling about it or adherence to traditional values, along with the infiltration they have acheived in the media, post-modernists have set the genral tone of the political debate as well as political dynamic. Such situation renders any kind of public offensive against post-modern transnational ideologies all but impossible. Patriotic forces are either unprepared for an uphill battle or to timid to take one up, because anyone that dares challenge the prevailing orthodoxies is subjected to a barrage of media criticism not at all unlike a medieval witch-hunt. Against those people no means is off-limits, even violence and death threats and not only against them personally but against their families and friends as well.

Repealing these laws in every place they exist and putting an end to the "hate speech" industry should be the first and foremost task of any reawakening movement in Europe. It is a necessary pre-condition for any step further taken against post-modernists. These laws are in place only in order to keep those who would speak out against the unbearable social situation in line.

The powers-that-be will naturally oppose this, but on what grounds? What are they going to say? That people do not need free speech? That they are so evil that the elite needs such laws to keep them down? Their arguments in favour of "hate speech" laws are on thin ice at best, preposterous and offensive at worst.

A battle against "hate speech" laws must begin. Even if we do not manage to take them down at the first attempt, the very thing that they will become an issue could well turn the tide and usher a whole new era on the political scene.

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