Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Worse is better

Gray Falcon explained aptly a couple of weeks ago that Obama means a return to the dark Clintonian times. And with Hillary as Secretary of State his words ring truer then even he feared. Is this the "change you believed in"? As the French say: "De plus ce change..."

To all that I say: brilliant! Now even the proverbially guillible Serbian public wil not believe the story on how the US policy to Serbia will be better under Obama. There will be, of course, the usual payed so-called analyst telling tall tales about how "Hillary will be only a clerk" and that "Obama will call the shots" but you and I both know it is nonsense. The cat is out of the bag and hopefully more will jump out. Heck, let as many members of the Clinton crime syndicate return, it is the only way for some people to understand.

One should not expect, of course, that the Serbian governemnt will be illuminated. It is you that have finally seen through the deception of ะพ "hope" and "change" that should make them at least act as if they get it.

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