Monday, November 03, 2008

This had been coming for some time now

First it was the Vlaams Belang and with them "Brussels Journal", "Gates of Vienna" and Fjordman, then Bat Ye'or, then Oriana Fallacci, then Andrew Bostom, then Diana West and in passing many others. So it was all natural and logical that eventually Charles Johnson would turn on Robert Spencer.

And how! I don't think that even during Stalin's infamous purges did the offical representation of people go from highly revered to absolutely vile in such short time nor was such invective launched against the unfortunate victims. The charges and demands directed at Robert Spencer are about as absurd as they can possibly get. It beggars belief that a thinking person would give them a shred of credence. But LGF has ceased to be a place where thinking people meet for some time now.

This time, however, it seems Charles Johnson has picked the wrong man to start a fight with. Spencer is much more influential then the previous targets of Johnson's smears, and while Spencer is stopping short of a law suit(for the time being) I am certain he could and would make life on the right very unpleasant for Johnson. Hopefully, Johnson and his minions will head for obscurity after this and, more importantly, stay there.

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