Friday, November 07, 2008

Classless, cowardly, disgusting...but unsurprising as well

These are the words that, in my opinion, most aptly describe the attempt of character assasination against Sarah Palin by "unnamed sources from the McCain campaign".

"Doesn't know that Africa is a continent?" You honestly expect us to believe that? Even if it were true, it says more about the McCain campaign staff then Palin. How could they put such an ignorant person on the ticket? Did they vet her? And what on Earth were they trying to sell when they were saying that Sarah Palin was absolutely qualified if it's true that she is such an ignoramus? There is no way such ignorance would ever go unnoticed during a proper vetting process. As for complaining about her meeting the staff wearing nothing but a towel(or a bathrobe according to some versions)...You have to wonder whether the staff were members of the gay Republican caucus.

Yet, this is not surprising at all. The anonymous staffers simply reflect the personality of the man who was on top of the Republican ticket. It was quite safe to predict that McCain would blame the eventual election defeat on the conservatives, yet it was also certain that he couldn't do it openly in order not to jeopardize his future in the Senate so he had his minions do the dirty work for him and even they had to keep anonymous, which should say all about how low this smear attempt is. Don't hold your breath waiting for McCain to defend Palin, he only does that favour to liberal Democrats. Remember how he threw the North Carolina GOP under the bus for airing ads that connect Obama to Jeremiah Wright(wanna bet that this didn't play a part in the state going to the democrats)? Or took exception every time anybody said "Barack Hussein Obama"? Some thanks Palin got for giving McCain a prayer in these elections instead of him going the way of Goldwater, McGovern or Mondale in terms of electoral defeats. Honour, duty, character, decency...I hope that nobody after this pathetic campaign of defamation against Sarah Palin says those words in the same sentence with McCain's name(not that they deserved to be said before), at least not with a straight face.

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