Monday, October 13, 2008

Why are people surprised about McCain?

Less then a month until the elections and McCain's numbers are sinking like a rock. But that in itself is not what is driving the Republican base to despair. Three weeks, the time left until the elelctions, is a long time in politics, if one makes good use of it.

The question that not only conservative and pro-republican commentators are asking is does McCain actually want to?

The shortcomings of his entire presentation are now evident. Shades of what was coming were seen way back in spring when McCain reprimanded North Carolina Republicans for using ads criticising Obama for his association with Jeremiah Wright. But it is now, when McCain is holding back even his candidate for VP from attacking Obama and not only publicly chastises supporters from criticising his opponent but practically endorses him in the subsequent remarks!

What I can not understand is that people are surprised. McCain made a name for himself with the so-called bi-partisanship, unity seeking etc. The leitmotif of his entire career has been to avoid appearing "divisive" and "too partisan" and "nasty towards political opponents right up to the point of obsession, which in turn lead to his nastiness and divisiveness when it came to party colleagues and the republican base. What you see now is the REAL John McCain, the one that never really left, the one many pretended not to see a couple of months ago but who has come back to bite them at the worst possible moment.

So, does McCain actually want to become president? Perhaps the real question is "does he have it in him to do what it takes"? The answer seems to be a resounding "NO". That McCain's liberalism would eventually get the better of him was one of the safest political predictions anyone could make, along with the one that the media that he has been so cosy with during the republican primaries would eventually get in the tank with either Obama or Hillary.

What now for the republicans? I say they ought to start with small things. Repeat after me: president Barack Hussein Obama.

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