Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Give as much as you get

Recently I got into an argument with some friends of mine about my cathegorical refusal to watch Serbian director Goran Marković's latest film "The Tour"("Turneja"). They could not understand the fact that I openly said that I wouldn't go and see the film because of the author's political views. "How could you, he is an artist, separate art from politics" came the cliches. I simply replied that I wouldn't and that was the end of it.

The thing is, I'd like to separate art from politics, it is Marković and his ilk that won't. He publicly bragged how the purpose of the movie is to "condemn politically all sides in the Bosnian conflict", and this in eurounionist'speak unmistakeably means a hit piece on the Serb people. I have no intention of spending my hard earned money on that.

Anzway, why is it so bad to attack a movie from a political standpoint, especially if it is admited it is supposed to spread a certain ideology and has heavz political conotations. Please, if you want to spread political ideas via a feature film, expect only attacks from those who do not share your worldview and do not ask that thez concentrate on formal matters such as acting, mimic, frame, lights etc. Nobody in his or her right mind when reviewing "Jud Süss" comments on how Veit Harlan did the exposition with the camera or the quality of Ferdinand Marian's acting. Instead, everybody, rightfully condemns the ideological message the film was spreading. And spare me the false indignant tone talke on how the two can not compare. You bet they can! Both use half-truths, fact-twisting, caricaturally negative approach and fabrications in order to advance a certain worldview. Yes, the former did have murderous consequences, but that does not mean that the latter, when put in appropriate context, could not.

Therefore, feel free to say: "I won't see a movie for political and ideological reasons", especially if it is made for the purpose of spreading liberal globalism. It is no different from switching channels when you see the hated politician on. And pay no attention to the quasisuperior remarks of liberals on how "close-minded" you are. You are more open-minded then they will ever be.

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Deucaon said...

I'm with you all the way! I've given up a few of my favourite shows (NCIS, Law&Order) because they became too political and Serbophobic. Its not that I'm some kind of purist or anything... its because I cant look at the faces, hear the voices or enjoy the work/art of all those people who have spread lies about my kind and not feel nauseated.