Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't blame Milo

What else could this rootless crime-lord do? Between the rock of the Albanian drug mob and and the hard place of a trial in Italy did you really exepct he would behave differently?

Blame those from Serbia. Blame those who glorified him as the "great white democratic hope". Blame those who were taking money from him in order to overthrow the Serbian governememnt. Blame those who were constantly warning that "the authorities in Serbia should not be involved in the processes in Montenegro". Blame those who listened. Blame those who based their referendum campaign on "eurointegrations", not on history and roots. Blame those who did not want to "get involved directly".

This is a logical consequence of their action, or lack thereof. Milo acted according to his anture. He can not go against it any more then a hyena can go against it's own.

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