Tuesday, September 23, 2008

US elections for Serbian-Americans, in a nutshell

Final proof(as if the selection of the rabid Serb-hater Biden wasn't enough) that Barack Obama offers no change Serbian-Americans can believe in is here. The US elections are for Serbian-Americans not only a choice between Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee but a choice between two completely repulsive characters.

On one hand there is an empty suit taught by marketing experts to harp on about "hope" and "change" offering no concrete measures nor having any achievements he can blow his trumpet with, unable to speak even the simplest phrases without a teleprompter but is rich with associations with shady characters(that's extremely mildly put).

On the other hand there is an egomaniac with several chips oh his shoulder, not shy of hurling abuse at anyone guilty of a crime not seeing eye-to-eye with him on every issue, a person publicly admitting he is taking medication to cool down his temper(geez, what is he like when he is off medication?) who never saw an armed conflict he wouldn't see the USA gladly join.

This is the best the USA can offer?

"We're screwed '08". Never was there a truer election slogan! For everyone...

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Jack Reylan said...

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