Thursday, September 04, 2008

They are closer to the truth then you think

Ever since the conflict in the Caucasus was re-ignited more histerical western commentators have spoken of a "renewed cold war" and the "new Soviet Union Putin is creating, and some even go as far as saying that Russia has reverted back to 19th century imperialism. Fortunately, this kind of inflammatory rhetoric has had very little success because people are starting to get fed up with those who have served them so much lies about other crisis areas over the years.

Still, there is a grain of truth in such propaganda as John Laughland shows in his latest piece. After giving a detailed description of the trotskyst past and family pedigre of one of the most outspoken interventionists, Laughland nails it:

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union – an artificial political creation based on a negation of Russian history and reality, on bogus internationalism, and on an allegedly universalist political creed which was supposed to embrace the whole of humanity – Russian politicians have long since abandoned any pretence that their own country has any such universal vocation.


Not so the United States and Britain. The neo-conservative project of creating a unipolar world based on human rights and democracy (embraced energetically on both the Left and the Right of the American political spectrum, as the recent nomination of Joe Biden as Barack Obama’s running-mate sadly emphasises) does require brute force to implement it. Developments like the “independence” of Kosovo grow only out of the barrel of a gun. But the project is supported in London and Washington by people who have utterly deluded themselves about its truly political nature.

It is because the West still deceives itself on this matter, and because post-Soviet Russia no longer does, that East-West relations are a dialogue of the deaf. Both sides are speaking a language the other does not want to hear. The Western vision, based on self-deceit, is extremely dangerous; the Russian vision of politics is far more realistic.

Trotskyite utopians however, unlike their former comrades, succesfully created the engine of the "world revolution", at the same time pulling the wool over almost everyone's eyes and presenting themselves as authentic defenders of the west. The Soviet Union is restored, but it's capitals are on the banks of the Thames and the Potomac.

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