Friday, September 12, 2008

So, where am I in all this?

You are propably wondering on which side is yours truly standing regarding the split in the Serbian Radical Party. The answer to your question is: on nobody's side.

Let's start with the explanation as to why I am not with Nikolić. Supporting under any circumstances the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union after it sent it's EULEX mission on Kosovo and Metohija is a disastrous move. It was a disaster even at the moment the previously united Radical party accepted it, it is a disaster now when Nikolić is still hanging on to it along with the amendment the party proposed on it's ratification. Everyone knows why the EU wanted as many votes for the SAA in the Serbian parliament as possible. It needed to present to the world that Kosovo and Metohija no longer interests Serbia and that even so-called "ultranationalists" are in favour of agreements with a political entity that not only aids and abets but actively participates in usurpation of the territory of Serbia. At the same time the ruling coalition can rightfully say that the radical party evolved to it's view and that they were right all along when they were telling people that "Europe has no alternative". Not to mention that the Radical party, by votring for the SAA would cheat the people that voted for them.

Then there are also very important matters regarding the arrest of Radovan Karadžić, the murder of the demonstrator Ranko Panić, the beating of Radical party MPs during demonstrations...It is incredible that Nikolić himself did not sever all contacts witht the regime until these matters were resolved but rather goes on a secret meeting with Tadić(one he at first denied that occured, but has since confirmed it, albeit indirectly) in order to set up a "national consensus" over the worst possible question. Simultaniously, he was appealing in public to other opposition parties to cooperate against the governement. And on top of it all he is dissatisfied why Šešelj demanded that this nonsense stops!

Talking of Šešelj, I'd like to say of word or two about those who remain at his side. I have to say that, with the exception of a couple of people I have no confidence in them at all. They are unable to clearly and coherently represent a political platform or an ideology as well as attract voters with personal qualities. Local party branches, from what I hear, sent numerous complaints about them but to no avail. It is no coincidence that only such people are left in the Radical party. Something must change there, the top brass, the way they are elected to their post, their authority. Otherwise, they are going nowhere.

All in all, I see no future for either of them. And that is a tragedy for Serbia and the Serb people as a whole.

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