Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Not the only ones bent on demise

Asia Times columnist Spengler explains(hat tip: Gray Falcon) with brutal openness, albeit sugar-coated with stand-up routines, why the vocal support to Georgia and Ukraine is a lost cause: in little more then a generation, there may well be no Ukrainians or Georgians if the present trend of birth rates in those countries continue.

It's a bit ironic, isn't it? The so-called transition process that was to bring Eastern European nations closer to their western counterparts is a direct cause of their demographic demise, which in turn could be the very reason why the west might eventually give up on them.

Not that the west is fairing much better. Demographic decline is a norm in almost all western countries. Perhaps Spengler should be more concerned about that. He says in his article that Russia, for all it's problems will be a great power in 2050. What about the west?


M said...

The even more important question is: after the painful (for people who care) split in the Serbian Radical Party, is there any hope for Serbia and the Serbs when it comes to avoiding the fate described in that article? I was quite shocked by the news of the split, after all some of my Serb friends haven't gone abroad yet and right now, the phrase of a Serb friend living in Washington is sounding more and more relevant. In 2004, he told me that in his opinion in 10 years the Serbs would meet more or less the fate described in that article unless there was a huge reaction, something similar to another Serbian uprising of 1804. Times have changed. I don't even know if such a reaction could be possible today. If the Serbs can't escape the EU's fingers, when will they be able to reclaim Kosovo and Metohija as well as their other lost ancestral lands? Very sad....

M said...

The West won't last 40 more years in the current form. Just look at all the hell breaking loose in the banking sector. Just a matter of time before Western Europe is hit just as hard as North America is already being hit. I like to hit of that as the perfect punishment for repeatedly perpetrating genocide on the Serbian people during the last 130 years after 489 more years of Ottoman destruction. Great blog!!!