Monday, August 25, 2008

Will people catch the symbolism?

So, the Olympics have ended. I won't harp on about how spectacular they were, you saw it yourself. Instead I'd like to offer personal considerations about how Serbia fared.

I'll readily admit I hoped we would not win a single medal ! Why? National sports are the reflection of the state of the nation and society. During the nineties, in spite of all attacks on the country and obstacles, formal and informal, we could count with a nice dose of certainty on medals from championships in practically every collective sports. If it came down to the last shot, last stretch, last run our guys and girls always delivered. How come? It was because they had behind them a country and a nation that still hung onto and cultivated it's positive and traditional values. The governement, for all it's faults, did not make political capital from the destruction of everything Serbs considered holy at the behest of globalist institutions. Sportsmen could make up for lack of funds with patriotic fervour because they had behind them a nation 100% supportive.

And now? Now we have the so-called "democratic forces", forces of "transition" and "common market". The media are killing all national consciousness for years, it spreads disdain towards national culture and scorns expressing national feelings. Such spiritual state has inevitably transferred onto sports teams. Why is it that today football, basketball, volleyball and other teams do not push harder when they come up against more formidable opponents? Why should they? For whom? For themselves? They have won enough, they have nothing more to prove. To governement officials that continue to abuse them? To a people afraid that any idiot can accuse them of fascism for merely waving the national flag? Not to mention that 8 years after the fall of the "sinister dictatorial regime" and "opening to the world" the state could not be bothered making serious investments in sports.

If we had ednde up empty handed in Beijing, I believe that only the staunchest of eurounionists would not stop and think how come te "thieving, criminal Milosević regime that separated us from the world" could raise European, world and Olympic champions in basketball, volleyball, waterpolo and marksmanship and quite solid football and handball teams, whereas under the "democratic pro-European governement" after the disasters of Eurobasket 2005, World Cup 2006 and other international competitons we faced a complete and definitive wipe-out at the Olympic games. Considering how shallow Serbian citizens have become, this would have opened the eyes of many and finally convinced them that the so-called "democratic forces" are taking us into the abyss. This is why I believe nobody celebrated our three medals more then Tadic and his minions.

A word or two about the medals' winners. The more sober sports analysts already pointed out that two out of three medals were won by individuals who developed themselves on their own and without any meddling from the state. There is something else, though. Milorad Čavić wore the "Kosovo is Serbia" T-Shirt on the podium and pazed the price but has since reiterated that he does not regret it one bit. Novak Đoković adressed the great rallz in Belgrade in february. The two of them were the only sportsmen that went on record of supporting publicly their country and their people on the issue. And the waterpolo team? Everybody has written them off in the third place play-off but then they removed from their midst, by any means necessary, Tadić's political commissar and the medal came. Will we understand the symbolism and take it to other fields of life?

Our last Olympic gold medal was in September 2000, the last dazs of the Milošević governement. As the Italians would say: meditate gente, meditate.


Gray Falcon said...

And I was just about to say, both Nole and Chavke have damn near nothing to do with the current quisling regime. Glad not to be alone in that realization. Not to mention that Cavic was a hell of a sport when it came to that race, which by all rights he should have won (and some people still say he did).

As for the water polo team, I would like to know more about what happened. I heard stories today about two players actually getting into a fight (!?). What is this about the political officer? The Serbian press is useless, as usual. Inquiring minds want to know.

Witch-king of Angmar said...

Goalkeepre Šefik hit Šapić and broke his leg, breaking his own hand in the process. It is the worst kept secret around that Šapić is the "bad apple" among the bunch, insisting that everything goes his way and that everybody obeys him. He is even reported in the past to have hit younger players and even coach Udovičić.

As for the political commissar thing... Šapić is a well known activist of the Tadić Democtatic party and Tadić's personal friend. Enough said.

M said...

It's so nice to see that some Serb sport champions aren't close to the current regime. Glad to hear that Djokovic and Cavic are different in this crucial aspect. Of course it is Mr. Cavic who won that gold medal, I have written it in many (Serb) web sites already and nothing will ever change my mind. About the waterpolo team, I expected as usual a gold. I was so disappointed. Especially as I read about the fight between two of the best players. Yes, I do know that Sapic is a total supporter of the most awful president I have ever seen. I often read it in various newspapers. Excellent blog, by the way. And about the phrase you've cited "meditate gente, meditate", well it can never be enough if one wishes to comprehend how Serbia and the Serbs are risking complete extinction. Especially in my case, since I just bought a Rebecca West book and there's quite a tiny bit of difference between the book and the sad, current state of affairs.