Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Still here, in spite of everything

I admit I was tempted to give it all up on the night of the 11th of May. I could not comprehend how easily people could fall for false promises of those who only did evil to them. I thought we were finally in a fase where, as Ivo Andric wrote, we are no longer capable to distinguish benefit from obvious detriment.

Then I pulled myself together, slept on the whole thing a little bit and analyzed facts. And they spoke of a lousy campaign by the Radical party who obviously expected the elections to fall in it's lap, the media that has been brainwashing the population with pro-EU propaganda for some years, the abuse of position by governement ministers from the so-called pro-european option...Regardless, voted for parties and coalitions that expressed patriotic policies and such a governement was supposed to be formed. The fact that one of the patriotic groups decided to cheat it's voters and back up the campaign words with opposite actions is another matter. What can one say? At least the weed is separated from heathy plants. After these elections, parties have finally taken a clear postition when it comes to national survival, there is no turning back for any of them.

What followed is a logical consequence of the colaition governement connected only by their lust for power and money(and mutual pain for the deceased party chairmen) and which adheres to no principle except the aforementioned. Why should they be shook up by the fact that Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija and Republika Srpska will suffer under Albanian, Bosnain Muslim and EU occupation? They have their "eurounionist way" next to which are the villas they built from money they received as a comission for selling out state property and riches as well as the will of their voters.

It is a bit of a paradox that such state of the nation actually sprung me into action. I have non intention of standing in the sidelines while the criminal interest group that forms the current governement of Serbia wipes out everythign Serbian! And I intend to back up my blog words with action. For now it is just my participation in the daily protests against the Tadic regime, from which I'll report from time to time(besides regular blogging). And afterwards something more perhaps...I wouldn't go into details for now since the head of the regime boorishly announces that any opinion not conforming with the EU way will be crushed.

I don't know whether my fight will have any effect but I am certain that the Serbian people faces extinction under this governement. If the so-called values of the euro-unionists are adopted the Serbs will cease to exist as a nation and become and amorphic mass for anybody to shape and stretch at will. That is a fate we must avoid at any cost.

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serbialives admin said...

Totally agree with you, and glad to have you back. We all experience moments where resistance seems futile, but to God all things are possible. Everything must be done to stop Serbia entering the EU.