Monday, August 11, 2008

Hubris and Nemesis

For those who do not know, hubris is excessive pride and arrogance, and Nemesis is the Greek godess of retribution. According to Greek mythology Nemesis would send one calamity after another to any man expressing hubris.

Nemesis is on the move these days in the Caucasus. For the past 5 years the Georgian governement headed by Saakashvili has been poking Russia in the eye, bragging about their US connections and the desire to join NATO left, right and center. For 5 years Georgia has been at the forefront of every anti-Russian action taken by the former USSR countries.

The night between Thursday and Friday saw one provocation too many. I really don't know what was going on in Saakashvili's head, did he honestly believe the story of the Olympic truce and thought that the Russians will just stand by and watch their soldiers and citizens get killed and wait for the Games to end. Or did he think NATO will go to war over him and decided to go for broke? In any case, it was a serious miscalculation. As I write the Russians have cut off Tbilisi from the coast which was already blockaded by the Russian fleet. Besides a complete collapse in military terms, Georgia is threatened with a humantirarian disaster as a result of it's leader's adventurism and irresponsability.

Saakashvili shouldn't worry too much though. He can still have his old job at a New York law firm back, the one from which he ousted former president Shevarnadze in a coup in 2003. He then legalised his ascension to power by getting 96% in the elections(a percentage worthy of Enver Hoxha's Albania or Sadam Hussein's Iraq). As he basks in the luxury of his Manhattan office, the Georgians, on the other hand, will have to pick up pieces of their shattered homeland.

It could have been all so different, if only someone has seen that the rich sponsor was thousand of miles away, while the neighbour is right next door ant there to stay, if only that someone hadn't been so eager to execute every plan of the sponsor to damage the neighbour, if only one had been more friendly towards the neighbour in his times on trouble and hadn't cricled around like a vulture. Who knows, maybe as a token of appreciation they would have recieved a certain mountainous region.

As it stands at the moment, however, Saakashvili's hubris is earning him his just nemesis.

PS I am not wasting words on Saakashvili's sponsor. Their floscules of diproportionate response and Georgia's teritorial integrity should make any person with morals gag. It is not even double standard any more, it is tribalism of the worst "good is when we sack the neighbouring village, evil is when neighbouring village sacks us" kind.


realist said...

"For the past 5 years the Georgian governement headed by Saakashvili has been poking Russia in the eye"

Do you have any evidence of Georgia invading Russia or threatening any action against it?

Witch-king of Angmar said...

The desire to join a military pact with a history of wars of agression and hostility towards Russia is reason enough to percieve that country as a security threat.

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