Friday, April 04, 2008

Who stated this?

Serbia is not an isolated island, Serbia is a part of Europe. Without the Community there is no life for anybody, icluding Serbia, without the victory of the Community Serbia can expect certain death.

Serb, you rightfully want a better future, you justifiabkly seek freedom. Order, labour, social justice according to effort, right to cultural development, right to life, who can guarantee these things? Will the nations that do not form the part of the Community bring you this?

Tadić? Dinkić? Some other member of the kapo coalition?

Nope! This is an excerpt from a German propaganda poster in occupied Serbia circa 1941 or 1942. Here it is.

The mentioned text is in the upper left-hand corner. Other parts say:

1) Upper right-hand corner: Germany has work for everyone
2) Lower left-hand corner: What would happen if Bolshevism triuphed? After that in smaller letters comes a lithany of every possible evil on Earth
3) Lower right-hand corner: What will happen when national-socialism wins? With it the decriptions of nazi "paradise".
4) Bottom: The choice is yours - Germany, meaning life, or bolshevism meaning death

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