Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Who cried "wolf"?

Twentieth century was full of contrasts. It brought us inventions that improved the material level of mankind but also ideas that madethe darkest areas of human psyche surface.

Totalitarian ideologies that took power in certain countries whipped up atavistic urges in some, while in others they played on fear and paranoia. The stories of in most cases immaginary "enemy that never sleeps" and which kept entire nations in a state of permanent anxiety look almost comical today but have left catastrophic consequences on the nations ruled by such ideologies.

What if, however, the enemy seeking to subvert you really exists?

The mere asking of this question has people shaking their head in disbelief. What enemies, we live in the 21st century, in a democracy! It is racist, chauvinist to say that, those are nazi and communist cliches! This sort of reaction is the worst long-term consequence of these ideologies, their posthumous victory over reason. The view that the very concept of the enemy is an invention of totalitarian propaganda has entrenched the nations' psyche to such an extent that they are completely unable to identify an entity as the enemy even when in it's actions this entity does everything to inflict damage, even when it says opnely that it is the enemy. Needless to say that a nation in such a psychological state can not survive, certainly not in the long run. Changing the awareness and the conceptions of the enemy is the foremost task of all those oposing post-modernist ideologies of contemporary establishment.

Everybody knows the story of the boy who cried "wolf". But the story's moral is not that the concept of wolf does not exist.


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Anonymous said...

The use of force against Serbs was never successful; we respond to friendship. This is our heritage, given to us by our ancestors.

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Next month there are general elections in Serbia. The latest opinion surveys suggest 37 per cent of voters will support the nationalist and anti-EU Radical party. It's leader, Vojislav Seselj, is currently standing trial in The Hague.

32 per cent of the voter population will back Serbian president Boris Tadic's pro-western Democratic Party. This means that the balance of power will likely be held by Vojislav Kostunica, the outgoing prime minister, and leader of the nationalist DSS.

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