Monday, April 07, 2008

Another blast from the past

67 years ago nazi Germany attacked the Kingdom of Yugoslavia by bombing it's capital Belgrade. Within days the country was occupied and dismembered. On the first anniversary of the assault the quisling governement of Serbia and German occupying forces issued this poster:

Here are some translations of the bolded parts, for the many of you unfamiliar with Serbian:

...The sixth of april punished the policy of Belgrade conspirators towards the European community and it also had it's advantageous point: it had to open the eyes of the Serb people and teach it to think in a European way...The Serb people could not lead anti-European policies unpunished...

...By April 6th 1942 every Serb should have learned for all eternity: the Serb state could lead only one type of policy: a European policy...

Sound like anyone you know?

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