Monday, March 31, 2008

The lies of Noel Malcolm

Ever since the west became bent on the conquest of Kosovo and Metohija there were efforts to delegitimize Serbian claims to this land. Part of those efforts were the writings of a supposed historian Noel Malcolm. His effort was to show that the Serbs have no historical ties to Kosovo and Metohija or at least no more then other peoples.

For the first time that I know of(which is digraceful, by the way, because Malcolm's distortions have been around for a while) here is a detailed refutation of Malcolm's so-called history, and with relevant sources and references to boot.

Noel Malcolm and David Irving - perfect together.

UPDATE: Here is an even more detailed refutation of Malcolm, from eight different authors.


Michael said...

Sounds like Serbia and Israel have a lot in common...

alidea said...

hmm would like to kill him, as you killed Milan Soufflay???

He is telling a truth you ignored for more than one century. I know it hurts:(

alidea said...

I loved the detailed refutation of Malcolm's history facts:)

You make me laugh the 8 historians you mention have slavic names, while Malcolm has no albanian ties :)

Biiipppp wake up you people!

Witch-king of Angmar said...

Care to present a more plausible agruments other then people's names? Or is it too much to expect from a nazi like you alidea?