Monday, March 31, 2008

The lies of Noel Malcolm

Ever since the west became bent on the conquest of Kosovo and Metohija there were efforts to delegitimize Serbian claims to this land. Part of those efforts were the writings of a supposed historian Noel Malcolm. His effort was to show that the Serbs have no historical ties to Kosovo and Metohija or at least no more then other peoples.

For the first time that I know of(which is digraceful, by the way, because Malcolm's distortions have been around for a while) here is a detailed refutation of Malcolm's so-called history, and with relevant sources and references to boot.

Noel Malcolm and David Irving - perfect together.

UPDATE: Here is an even more detailed refutation of Malcolm, from eight different authors.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Look who gets statehood, according to the criteria of George Bush

Drugs and human organ traffickers! They get to steal other people's lands, claiming falsely to descend from ancient Roman times! This is the sick state of the world today.

And the fall of this criminal order is not going to be nice either...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What else did she and her husband lie about?

Painted into a corner Billary finally admitted she was econimical with the truth when she spoke about her voyage to Bosnia.

Great to have people evscerating her for it. Now, how about digging up some more Clinton lies, like those about the war in the Balkans itself?

Our kapos

There you have it, the cat is out of the bag. Words and euphemisms are of no more use, at least not to those with common sense and dignity.

EU told you that you are a "special case", the one to which rules do not apply, the one against which anything goes. Professor Antić of the Belgrade University said that our position to the EU is the same as that of the Jews towards the Third Right. He is right. And the "special case" doctrine is nothing less then the Burssels version of the Nuremberg race laws.

Just like the Jews of 60 years ago we have our own kapos, people ready to commit all sorts of evils against their own people just to save their skin. You'll recognize them easily, they are colaked unde rthe slogan "Europe has no alternative" and which intimidate us with "self-isolation"(whatever that is supposed to mean) the ones insisting that our interests are to be protected under the auspices of the new Reich. They are no longer trying to hide that they work in coordination with Washington and Brussels nor are the latter any longer tacit about thier support to the so-called pro-Europeans.

One should no longer talk to them in silk gloves, time to call spade a spade. I will set an example and call them "the kapo coalition", and it is time that patriotic parties begin sharpening their rhetoric towards the kapos if they want to stop them from gaining power and destroying what little is left of Serbia.

May 11th is not so far away, the time remaining should be used to the full extent in order to expose the "kapo coalition" and stop them in tracks. And we shouldn+'t leave it to the politicians, us individuals must do it as well, someone over the blog, such as myself, somene agitating against the so called "integrations" which seek to destroy us for almost 2 decades now. If you have an idea for a slogan, billboard or an action, do not hesitate to take it to patriotic organizations in Serbia, you never know, they might adopt it and even if you dson't try doing something yourself. Of that depends whether you'll continue to live as free men.

Monday, March 24, 2008

9 years ago today...

...was when it started. March 24th brought us March 17th(both of them) and February 17th. I thought it to be appropriate for me to resume blogging on this day. We haven't forgotten, in spite of efforts of many to the contrary.