Friday, February 08, 2008

Who will rid Britain of this turbulent priest?

Another proof of how desperate things are getting comes from the Archbishop of Caterburry. Apparently, having the law of the land apply to each and everyone living in it has become somewhat of a hassle so they can bring in customs from the old country.

Great idea! What is next? Mafia code for members of the Cosa Nostra?

Malicious tongues are saying that the archbishop is trying to stay in good grace with the future head of his church, Prince Charles, known for his sympathies for islam so that he could immediately take over as the grand imam. Perhaps he already has.

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1389 said...

"Mafia code for members of the Cosa Nostra?"

As a matter of fact, as a participant in the NATO occupation of Kosovo, Britain already allows the equivalent of the "Mafia code" for the UCK.

Here's Lionheart's take on this:

Sacrifice the Bishop for the good of everyone

Rowan Williams is no Christian, and that's that.