Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The voters have spoken, the bastards

That just about sums up the results of Serbia's presidential elections. The powers that be have managed through scare-mongering and libels to get out just enough people to give Boris Tadić the vote.

Unfortunately, it was to be expected. Alexander Tyler wrote that democracy can only exist until the electorate discovers it can vote its way to the treasury. Not only have the people in Serbia discovered that, but thanks to all the years of "credit communism" they know of nothing else. They not so much love the "big brother" that will feed them, provide them and take care of them, they need him! Tadić was there to give them one in the shape of the EU(SSR), Nikolić had none. His ideals of self-sufficiency and independence belong to an era only my grandmother's generation remembers it ever existed.

Still, Nikolić campaign should have done a better job. It should never have played the Mr.Nice Guy, not against this lot. It's about time somebody reintroduces pure negative campaigning in Serbia. Ads should have been made about Tadić and his associates and how they abused power and are breaking the constitution and are conspiring to give away the country's territory. Also, one needs to attack the party hacks that control economic institutions such as the National Bank and the stock market because of manipulations with the exchange rate and prices. And much more, so much more...Lessons to learn for next time, if there is anything left of Serbia.


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The Spartans eh?

1389 said...

Maybe I spent too much of my life in Chicago, but I'm convinced that the runoff election count was bogus.

For my take on it, see:

But who COUNTED the votes in Serbia?