Thursday, February 07, 2008

The last stand or posture?

Prime minister Koštunica tells his coalition partners to drop dead. Until the parliament convenes, no governement session and no signing of any treaty with the EU(SSR) that the Tadić clique so covets.

But I have to ask Koštunica: what did he expect? How could he possibly pretend that Tadić and his party will give up on their raison d'etre which is joining the EUtopia? Could it be that only recently Koštunica and his ministers saw what I have seen in way back 2000, that to DS the European Union is an "ideological, dogmatic goal, like communism"? How can you expect such people to have the best interests of their country at heart?

But most of all, where does Koštunica really stand? He has brought these people to power 8 years ago and has kept them there ever since. Why did he have to wait for them come to the brink of literally selling out the country to denounce them, albeit indirectly? Will he be true to his statements or will he engineer another rotten compromise that will be presented as a "victory for the unity of Serbia"? Lives of millions and of a whole nation will depend on whether he backs his words with actions.

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Anonymous said...

I am more confident that he will do the right thing. Remember that he represented in Serbia since 2000 (Vuk Draskovic held that standard in the decade before) and in the Serb diaspora the delusion that doing the West's bidding would cause the West to back Serbia against its rivals, particularly Muslim ones. As the falseness of this delusion is made more concrete with the Western sponsership of Montenegrin independence, and now of Kosovo independence, and the less concrete form of Western support for centralising Bosnia, Kostunica has been abandoning this delusion ...

This delusion was supported by many in Serbia for a long time, and as support for Kostunica's party diminishes and that of Nikolic's increases, it shows that reality has struck many of those fooled before.