Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Why do we put up with this?

A prominent Jewish publicist from Belgrade Jaša Almuli has given an interview to Serbia's largest daily "Politika" where he sharply criticised one of the NGOs frequently quoted by western media and their governement agencies as authority on Serbia(I am not mentioning it's name or linking to it, I'll be damned before I advertise them through my blog) for "Holocaust revisionism". Unfortunately, I can not link to the interview since the newspaper's web site has, for reasons known best to themselves(but which I can guess), removed the interview. So you are just going to take my word for what I am about to write here.

UPDATE: One of my readers informs me that it was simply a case of the web site not functioning and that the article is back up now. Thanks for the tip.

The NGO in question makes an equivalence between the German occupying force and the collaborationist governement during the occupation in the role of the destruction of Jews in Serbia. Almuli's answer is quite clear:

„The claim that the quisling formations and German occupiers are equally responsible is simply untrue. ”
Quoting research from Federation of Jewish communities of former Yugoslavia, testimonies of surviors as well as prominent Jewish historians abroad Almuli says that all of them clearly show that only German occupiers and their forces decided on the destruction of Jews in Serbia and only they carried out such measures”.

„The role of the quisling regime and it's formations was marginal. They used to bring German summons to Jews, carried out German-proclaimed measures of throwing out Jews from public service, stood gurad and for a reward in money sought out Jews and handed them to German forces”, says Almuli.

Almuli then quotes historians such as Raoul Hilberg, Christopher Browning and Paul Friedlander who basically prove Almuli correct. But the next passage gives a tone even more sinister then plain holocaust revisionism:

Asked whether he fears being labeled as a defender of Milan Nedić and his quisling regime, Almuli responds:

„I am not defendin either Nedić or his governememnt but Serbia which is being slandered and I fight against holocaust revisionism... Some western powers, devoid of any basis in international law, claim that Serbia has no moral right on Kosovo, becaise she allegedly murdered Albanians in 1999. Is this moral disqaulification supposed to be supported with the lie that Serbia is just as responsible for the destruction of Serbian Jews as the Germans?”.

In a word, yes.

Almuli then ends by stating that the NGO sent these falsehoods to about a million(!) different adresses around the world.

This begs several questions. Such as, what has the governement done to counter such a slander campaign against the Serb people? Why are they not sending refutations of such nonsens to all the adresses that the NGO sent and more? And what are they going to do to pre-empt future attempts at re-writing history a la David Irving and call the vile personalities behind this to task?


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