Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend personal post for 12th and 13th of January

Tonight Serbs celebrate their New Year according to the Julian calendar but I decided to give my first personal post of 2008. As I already said I got sick on New Year's eve and spent the better parto of the first two days of 2008 in bed, watching by now the traditionally awful holiday TV programme. At least I took thurday and friday off so I had a mini vacation.

We spent Christmas eve with my parents at dinner, and Christmas at my wife's parents for lunch. My sister in law was there as well with husband and her little girl who is now 4 months old. I love playing with her, she's a lovely baby. She almost never cries even when she needs something plus she likes me. That day, we exchanged presents as well. Talking of presents, this year I got more or less useful stuff which is a rarity.

Plus, there are still presents to hand over, to my niece and my wife's goddaughter. We'll take care of it in the next couple of days, then we dismantle the tree and the flash lights.

Needless to say, going back to work took time getting used to, but luckily nobody is really doing anything just yet. The first real week of work in 2008 begins tommorow, and I have to go to the mechanic first thing in the morning since some idiot busted my left rear-view mirror as he was passing me by and ran away. The insurance will cover it, luckily.

Weekend saw some better weather and the missus and I went to the nearby lake and took a walk. We were pretty tired afterwards, that is a consequence of having to stay indoors for over 4 weeks due to sub-zero temperatures. Then we finally got a DVD of the German film "Life of others". It was worth the wait, full review in a couple of days.

That's all for the first personal post of 2008. Stay healthy and happy New Year.

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