Thursday, January 31, 2008

Serbian elections - runoff

Midnight marks the end of campaigning in Serbia's presidential elections. The final race is between the incumbent Boris Tadić and Tomislav Nikolić, candidate of the Radical party.

I'll say it right up, I voted for Nikolić in the first round, I'll vote for him in the runoff as well. Why?

I do not agree with everything in his and his party's platform. He only opposes the EU(SSR) on a pragmatic basis instead of on principle, economic and foreign policies are too populist and ideological for my taste plus the party's internal structure is too hierarchical. However, he unequivocaly rejects anything the EU and the US might offer in exchange for Serbia's at least tacit agreement on the independence of Kosovo and Metohija. Years ago Nikolić and the Radical party suggested closer ties to Russia(although it was mostly due to knee-jerk anti-westernism, rather then thoughtful analysis) and it is now coming to fruition. Also, Nikolić's postition on cultural and traditional matters is almost totally in line with my own.

Tadić, on the other hand, has no redeeming qualities. He is totally ingaged in dragging the country into the EU(SSR). It has achieved proportions where his coalition partner and minister for Kosovo and Metohija Samardžić calls this EU-philia "an ideological, dogmatic goal, like communism used to be". It is obvious that Tadić would not react in any way to a possible EU recognition of Kosovo independence. This was made abundantly clear when he refused to sign a pledge that would have the governement anull the Stabilisation and Association agreement in case the EU(SSR) decides to send it's mission to Kosovo and Metohija. He believes in "European integrations" more then he believes in keeping the country's territory, actions speak louder then words.

With Nikolić we would loose no allies and gain no enemies we don't have already. With Tadić we won't make enemies friends and will loose those we have at the moment. So the choice is clear.


Englez said...

"I voted for Nikolić in the first round, I'll vote for him in the runoff as well"

Same. The Radicals are just as bad in their own way, but right now anything goes to kick out this sorry excuse of a president. My whole family usually vote for DSS, but all of us voted for Nikolić/SRS for the first time on the 20th. Hopefully he'll win this weekend, but if he doesn't: what does it say about Serbia that someone like Tadić could win at a time like this? He will accept anything in return for possible EU membership in 20 years, which I am anyway against.

The EU is made up of and led by the countries which: (1) forced an embargo on Serbia, which is the reason its GDP is still below 70% the 1990 level (2) bombed Serbia for 78 days on a false pretext, killing many civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure worth billions of dollars (3) seek to divide Serbia, hollow out the RS etcetc (4) insist on a humiliating visa regime, while Croatian citizens haven't needed them for years, even while the war in Krajina was still going on, if I'm well informed (5) is a mere proxy of the anti-Serbian US, as the documents recently leaked in Slovenia clearly show, if it wasn't obvious already.

In addition to these Serbia-specific points, the EU is a federal state in the making, based on a political model/ideological framework very similar to one that should have died a permanent death in 1989, and the economic implications of which would be disastrous for Serbia and its citizens. Not to mention that it is dominated by a few large states (the ones responsible for the above five points), and so Serbia's entry would render Serbian democracy almost meaningless, especially with qualified majority voting. A huge number of things would be decided on in Brussels, where we would be a few million in a sea of 500 millions. I saw 'our' president talking about how we should join the EU because other East European countries have done so well out of it. Well, take Poland, said he, trying to convince us fools. Yes, take Poland - unemployment of over 10% and 1-3% of its population has decamped to England!

Anyway, we'll see what happens on Sunday. Keep up the good work man, it's a pleasure to read both your blogs...поздрав из Лондона!

Gray Falcon said...

Well said. Whatever Nikolic's shortcomings, they are neither fatal nor incorrigible. Tadic, on the other hand, is a spineless "Tranzi" whose worship of power and "the West" by far transcends anything he may eventually feel for his own country (which isn't nothing at all, but sure isn't much, either).