Monday, January 28, 2008

The question of racial organizing

The recent brouhaha about the BNP on Jihadwatch and other web sites and blogs had got me thinking somewhat. Not so much about the BNP itself, although it was caused by a portion of their documents.

The jury is still out on BNP with me. Their unsavory past is well known and while I do not dismiss out of hand their ability and attempts to reform themselves there are still troubling characters within that make me a bit wary of them. For a moment I was definitely put off them when I found out they restrict their membership only to white indigenous Brits. But as I thought about it a bit and found out some more facts I sat right back on the fence. Why?

Well, one link on the BNP web page got to me, I must admit. There is a list of many organizations who, while propably do not have racial restrictions in their respectful statutes, have race distinctions in their name. Could I as a white man join Black Bitain, for example? Or Black Information Link? Of course not! And people find it completely normal! Yet when an organization restricts membership to whites all hell break loose!

Where do you draw the line? Why is it acceptable for the immigrant and non-indigenous ethnic groups have exclusive organizations but not acceptable to natives? Why is nobody calling the afore mentioned organizations to task alongside the BNP for their racial exclusiveness?

But this situation is hardly surprising. It is simply a natural product of multiculturalist ideology. The desperate attempt to accomodate other cultures and prove that they are inclusive can only lead to the abasement of the domicile one as well as the nation that founded it. Even worse, now we have a situation where one race is de facto held to a different standard then others. Now, how do you call that?


Gray Falcon said...

If there is freedom, there has to be freedom of association. So if people want to set up organizations based on race (however nebulous that concept might be), that ought to be their prerogative.

However, setting up a "white" organization - especially in a place like the U.S., where "white" people come from a variety of cultures that have often been at odds with each other - strikes me as foolish. Race is just too broad a category to make much of a political, or even cultural, distinction.

So is ethnicity, for that matter; keep in mind that people like Cedomir Jovanovic or Biljana Kovacevic-Vuco would qualify to join some hypothetical, genetically-based "True Serbs Society."

1389 said...

I agree with Gray Falcon on this.

BTW... Lionheart has some articles explaining why he is not a member of, will not support, and has not voted for, the BNP under its current leadership and organization.

People associated with LGF were spreading a lot of tales accusing him of being connected with the BNP, which he is not, and of being a racist or an anti-Semite, which he also is not. This cost him a lot of support at a time when he needed it badly.