Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pigs fly moment! Well, two actually...

Lawrence Eagleburger was the US Secretary of State in 1992 during the administration of Bush Sr. During his tenureship the US played a significant role in the dismemberment of Yugoslavia by recognizing Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina and by imposing UN sanctions on then Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. His State Department set the foundations for the anti-Serb US policy of the 1990-ties. Which makes this all the more surprising!

What happened? Well, nothing special, really. Having been away from power in the mid and late 1990-ties he could not get drunk with it. So he managed to escape the irrational frenzy gripping the Washington establishment currently and thus sees that this is not the 1990-ties and that "my way or the highway" approach will bring about a situation whose outcome is out of control of anybody. And in Eagleburger's opinion Kosovo and Metohija is simply not worth it.

Another unexpected helping hand came from an EU-philic Czech magazine. It's author, a self-described EU-enthusiast says: "EU has gone insane"! Try writing this in a Serbian paper and EU(SSR) agents and NGOs would come down on you like a ton of bricks. Only EU(SSR)? The whole world has gone nuts!

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