Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Johnson is at it again

He kept a low profile but could not resist when the word came out of a supposed "alliance" between Vlaams Belang and the BNP. Here was the smoking gun he'd been dreaming of, the one he could point at and rub in the noses of his opponents. The trouble is, as it is aptply shown, the BNP did not participate in the event mentioned nor was it invited to participate.

So will Johnson publish a retraction? Don't hold your breath! In fact he is going beyond all pales! A couple of months ago Johnson used a sock-puppet in the form of a Norwegian "progressive" Oyvind Strommen to attack Bat Ye'or and her theory of Eurabia. Well, he's gone a step further and is now pounding on Oriana Fallacci no less. And with the same stick.

More depths where this wretched individual will sink are to be fully expected.

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