Friday, January 18, 2008

Britain is dead!

Bold assesment, you think? Well, maybe reading this will dissuade you...

George Orwell, or rather the worst part of his distopias, has offically come to power in the UK. The phrase "war on terror" is indeed inappropriate but this is a change for all the wrong reasons imaginable. The British political class is no longer able to grasp even the most self-evident truths and neither is the good part of the electorate.

On the bright side, Britain did withstand the anti-Spanish armada, the anti-French Napoleon and the anti-German nazis so I bet they will cope with anti-islamic activities.

I hope the last paragraph brought a bit of a smile, because this news is absolutely depressing.

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Gray Falcon said...

My personal favorite was a shot of the "alleged" terrorist attack in Glasgow. Why, technically, political correctness demands that we classify the 9/11 hijackers as "alleged" terrorists as well, and their act as a "misunderstanding of the true peaceful nature of Islam," or some such.

People set themselves up as doormats, and then wonder why everyone's walking all over them. Shocking, I know.