Monday, December 10, 2007

You definitely could not make this up!

First Mohammed drawings, then the pope, then Mohammed the teddy-bear and now it's football shirts. A lawyer from Turkey demands that Inter's Champions league game against Turkish club Fenerbahce at San Siro, which Inter won 3-0, be cancelled and registered as a victory for the Istanbul club(I don't have any link in English but Gazzetta dello Sport is a serious paper). Reason? Inter's away football shirt reminds him of the Templar knights and the crusaders!

Evil crusader Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the incriminated shirt

The lawyer said that "watching the game at San Siro gave him a tremendous pain in the soul" nd that the "cross on the shirt reminded him of the bloody days of the past".

I'll tell him what really gives pain in the soul. It's reading about the fall of Constantinople or about how Serb boys were taken away from their mothers to become yanissaries or how the insurgents against the Turks were impaled or crucified when caught or about Ćele kula.

Since the shirt is in honour of the pending centenary of FC Internazionale and has roots in the coat-of-arms of the city of Milan, how long before he asks that it too be declared illegal?

The coat-of-arms of the city of Milan at the time of the founding of FC Inter

And while he is at it he'll propably try to get the flag of England banned too.

Many will dismiss this guy as a nutcase, and the whole affair as inoccuous. But is this any more serious then Mohammed the teddy-bear?

UPDATE: Dhimmiwatch caught the story, as I hoped.


1389 said...

Why are they so afraid of the Cross? Are they vampires or demons?

BTW, Nodrog is trolling on the GoV Kosovo thread.

bleeding_eyelids said...

here's the link

Apparently Inter knew this might be a problem when they played in Turkey, but brought it back in the home game.

You'd think people are less sensitive to these kind of things. I don't see people of Jewish decent getting a heart attack everytime they see a swastika

Michael said...

And I thought that American society was too litigious. This guy gives frivolous lawsuits a bad name.

If he can't take losing, maybe he should find another interest.

een vlaming said...

A little bit of history

Jerusalem whas first a Juwles state. After the dead of Jezus Christ become it a Christenstate.
700 years later the islam profet Mohammed died there.
folowers of Mohammed claimed the city of Jeruzalem whith force. Christen where not longer welcome in the city. They whore slaghter, rape, murderd. Islam conquer a great part of Europe (Spain,...)
and the Christenen where also murderd, rape, ... . Many Christenen are feelings of revence and the Pope say that a Jeruzalem and other city, under islam goverment must set free. The crusade was born. Once Jerusalem set free a group of Knights establish the Templar Knights.
Many wars are be foght between islam and the Templars.
The islam won because in europe the Templars ware banded and forbidden.

BTW and i repeat Jeruzalem was taken by force by islam. The first Crusade set Jeruzalem free.

Many islamitics blood was spoild because the hated the Christenen.

I don't understand whey the islamitic lawer against the red cross is. The islam are the coust of the war and it still not done yet. The jihad is still gone on. Look at Isareal, Bombay, Twin Towers,....

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