Thursday, December 13, 2007

What are you waiting for, it should already have started!

We will never be able to thank Julia Gorin enough for standing up for Serb people. She does it again in her latest column at Frontpage magazine. Besides the usual, proven facts however she gives us a well deserved criticism:

...saving Europe, and ultimately America--via Kosovo--requires everyday Serbs, particularly American Serbs, to take part in this battle. You must speak up in your capacities as citizens, contacting your representatives, writing letters and donating to the cause, which your enemies do all too well. Wherever you encounter articles about the “genocidal Serbs” or about Albanian or Bosnian purity as victims—particularly the abundant articles that pander to the sizeable Bosnian and Albanian communities within the U.S.--you must write letters to the editor. You must explain that the reality isn’t so black and white and that the newspaper isn’t doing its American readers any favors by protecting them from the truth about their “refugee” neighbors.

Julia has touched the key problem with Serb mentality. The vast majority of us is waiting for something to fall from the sky, for a messiah to come that will whisk away all our problems. We ourselves make zero effort, we just don't understand that we have to invest something in order to get something in return. It is in good measure a consequence of the system that ruled former Yugoslavia from WW2 until it's end. The general atmosphere of "work as much as you like and take as much as you can" convinced generations that they have "divine" right to all pleasures of life and that they are free from all obligations to any entity larger then themselves. Talking of which, we hava another character flaw that impedes such an action, which is vanity. Ones don't want to participate because they didn't get leadership postitions, others because their ideas are not accepted, another group does not want to "defend Milosevic"...Not to mention the divisions dating from WW2, largely based on obsolete ideological terms. It will take time to overcome this, and that should have been done long ago and sprung into action. I believe that not even today is late, but even if it was I would feel much worse if we did not even try. If for no other reason, then let's not let down Julia Gorin. After all she's been through for us we owe her that much. Get to work, my fellow Serbs!


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I linked to this article from here and here. I hope everyone will send this along to every Serb that they know!

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