Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekend personal post for 22nd and 23rd of december

The lack of last weekend personal posts is due to intensive preparations for the slava and a small illness. But I'm OK now. And St.Nicholas has gone by.

It was a resounding success. We had most of the relatives and friends over and they all praised my wife's cooking, especially her sweets, which is significant since St.Nicholas is during the Othodox Christmas fast(no meat or milk in any of the dishes). The highlight was the meeting between my niece and my wife's goddaughter. They had a blast togehter and hopefully they'll meet again. The only downside is that we exaggerated in food whether quanitity-wise or in choices and thus we had just about every meal ensured until today. People are always afraid they will run out. But it was our first slava and now we know better.

I've started buying holiday presents already and have bought them practically for everyone I wanted, believe it or not. All that is left is to have a look for something for myself, athough whether I actually buy abnything will depend on whether I get my salary next week. We spent quite a lot for the slava.

Today my afore-mentioned niece turned 6 and will start school next year. It seems like yesterday when they informed us of her birth. They do grow up fast, don't they? My wife's niece will be 4 months old soon. She has the look of her mom now, whereas a month ago she was the spitting image of her dad. We'll see how she will become.

I did get to see the two games that made the day today. (You thought I'd miss them, ha!) Inter beat Milan while giving one of the worse performances of the season and withotu several first-team members to boot, that's how superior they are to their city rivals. And Real Madrid won quite deservedly the El Clasico'. Rijkaard should be sacked, end of story. It's disgraceful what he is doing to Barca.

That's it for this weekend. Stay cool during the holiday season.


M. said...

Komentar se odnosi na srpski blog. Slobodno ga obrisite.

Sta mislite o tome da napravite poseban blog sa licnim zabeleskama? Malo odudaraju.

Usudicu se da obrazlozim - isuvise je licno. Cini mi se - bez potrebe.

Witch-king of Angmar said...

Svaka dobronamerna kritika je dobrodosla. Razmislicu...Mozda pitam i ostale citaoce za misljenje...

Michael said...

Sounds like you all had a great holiday. It's always best with family, friends, and food, isn't it?

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