Sunday, December 09, 2007

Personal entry for the weekend of December 8th and 9th

Here's some more about my everyday life. Preparations for slava are now seriously under way. Yesterday and today we did some shopping for food and material and as of wendesday the preparations will go into full throttle. The wife will spend practically the entire afternoons baking and boiling and the weekend will be particullarly difficult since she will have to do without me on Saturday because I'll have to work(instead of December 31st). Thankfully she'll have the help of my mother and hers otherwise I feel she's going to exhaust herself.

Also, preparations for the New Year's eve have started. The missus and I haven't got anything ready just yet but something will come up, it always does. We decided back in October not to travel anywhere for the New year since we had quite a bit of travels this year. Last New year we spent in Vienna, then summer in Greece, then Barcelona for our honeymoon. Time to take it easy just a bit.

Yesterday evening we visited my sister-in-law and her family. Her daughter will be three months old in a couple of days. She is truly a bundle of joy. She loooooooves being carried around instead of just lying on her bed. Soon she will be able to sit up and crawl and that opens new problems for the parents. But I am sure they will handle it.

I watched a little less football this weekend the previous week propably being somewhat of a put-off. Arsenal and Liverpool suffered their first defeats in the league. We'll see how that affects them. Man United leading the pack now. Inter is still devastating and had gon 5 pionts ahead of Roma and Real keeps winning in spite of not showing the most brilliant of footballs. Why was it that they sacked Capello? Somebody remind me, please.

Busy days ahead of me and important events coming up. I need to be in shape and you need to stay tuned. ;-)

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