Sunday, December 02, 2007

Personal entry for the weekend of December 1st and 2nd

Saturday was family reunion day. It was the anniversary of grandads death and we all gatehered around lunch. Usually we spend the tiemtelling anecdotes from his rich and colourful life. It is incredible how he managed to climb up from utter poverty and practically an orphan to a respectable life. The highlight however was playing with my 6-year old niece. I still remeber the day we recieved news of her birth. Early in the morning we recieved a call, still sleepy...She is a gem and a true light in our lives.

After lunch we spent the afternoon resting and watching TV. Luckily we hawe two sets otherwise she'd never see a thing because of my football. Again I watched from 4 pm to midnight. Milan and Juventus played a game with lots of rhythm, no too many chances and no goals. Juve needs a creative player in the midfield and Milan players can not seem physically to withstand a Serie A game. They look tired and slow all the time. Barcellona can not win away from Camo Nou. This time it was Espanyol that stopped them in spite of Barca scoring first. What is wrong in that team? It seems that the relations between players are at truly low level.

Don't get me wrong. My life is not sad and barren and monotonous, it's just that there so little to do outside of home these days. We checked all the coolest plays in theaters and the choice of movies sucks. In fact, the movies launched lately are one flop after another. Is the industry running out of ideas? Anyway, "Beowulf" looks promising, I'll try to check it out.

The missus has today already started collecting food for the slava even though it is almost 3 weeks away. It's the first time she's the head hostess so she wants to make it all perfect. Who can blame her?

Afternoon was more football. It's amazing how superior Inter is to others. Fiorentina, up to two weeks ago the only team that hasn't lost a game along nerazzuri was set aside without breaking sweat. And soon I have to prepare for the week at work.

December is here and the year's end is just around the corner.

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