Monday, December 24, 2007

The penny has finally seemed to drop

Ever since 9/11 the editor of Frontpage magazine David Horowitz has been very careful about ideologically identifying Bin Laden and his followers. First they were terrorists, then "extremists", "totalitarians"...In spite of hosting regularly Robert Spencer, he never could really bring himself to accept that what Bin Laden preaches is fully in accordance with mainstream islamic teachings.

When George Bush uttered the term "islamo-fascism" I could bet that Horowitz was overjoyed because it finally gave him the ideological label close to the truth but which does not step over the boundaries deemed accepted among the mainstream US conservatives. Soon articles about the evil of "islamo-fascism" flooded Frontpage and Horowitz's organization even sponsored the "Islamo-fascism awareness week" on US campuses.

Then something happened and as of last week Horowitz is singing a slightly different tune. He asks "Is islam the problem?"

To his credit, it has to be said that Horowitz published other authors besides Spencer and interviewed people who were of different opinion. But the main line of Frontpage and Horowitz's Freedom center was well within the establishment conservativism and the Bush administration policies that still clings on to the myth of a "tiny minority of extremists hijacking a religion of peace". The perpetuation of those myths as well as of the fantasy of the "domnioes of democratization that will start from Iraq" that logically stemmed from utter ignorance of islam, it's postulates, tennents and history and the hubris of power is an epitome of everything that is wrong with American mainstream conservativism. And Horowitz has played quite a part in it

It's good that he is finally strting to see some light, but the question is will he manage to keep his eyes open or will he avet them? Because, it will get uglier the more he looks.

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Michael said...

I think the answer to the question is a resounding, "Yes!"