Friday, December 07, 2007

Hitchens at his usual

It took longer then I expected but it was inevitable that for all the lavish praises and the wining and dining Christopher Hitchens would not be able to contain his nastiness and villainy. "Commentary" has a rebuttal(well, sort of) of a particularly vicious attack on the Jewish holiday of Chanukah of his. I guess you can take Hitchens out of the left but you can't take the left out of Hitchens.

My opinion is that it could not have happened to nicer people. While they are trying to put on a humorous mask rest assured they feel dismayed over this text. Ever since 9/11 the establishment right embraced Hitchens as a long-lost brother just because he is self-serving and cowardly enough to figure out the real goal of the islamists. The awards, the media space, the publicity the endorsments kept flying in because of his professed enthusiasm for the "war on terror", "Iraqi freedom" and the "battle against islamo-fascism". And how does this vile individual repay this? By launching scatching gratuituos attacks on religions they profess and hold dear and that form the basis of the civilisation they claim to protect. That's what you get when you let every Tom, Dick or Harry jump onto your bandwagon as long as he claims he is fighting "fascism".

And before you start pointing out that the west allied itself with the USSR in WWII(against real fascists) Stalin at least had the decency to tell his communist minions to lose the pre-war anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist propaganda and concentrate all venom on Hitler. Which is more then can be said for Christopher Hitchens.

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