Monday, December 10, 2007

Beneath contempt

How low can one go in order to prove his dellusions to the world. Apparently as low as denying what he professes to believe in. This is what Charles Johnson did by inviting a notorious leftist to his site in order to prove that Vlaams Belang is in effect a neo-nazi party. After fueling Johnson's paranoia by confirming his "guilt by association" charges he proceeded about Bat Ye'or(Gates of Vienna has the whole story):

Øyvind Strømmen repeated several times his criticism of Bat Ye’or at LGF, and stated that although he doesn’t believe Bat Ye’or is a Fascist, she “spreads a conspiracy theory, a conspiracy theory which in fact makes up a significant part of the mythos of Eurofascism and which sadly has gained quite a bit of a hearing amongst both conservatives and liberals.” He again stated that “I do blame her [Bat Ye’or] for providing a considerable part of the Eurofascist mythos by spreading the false idea of a Eurabian conspiracy.”

And what words does Strømmen have for Sir Martin Gilbert, for example, who is full of praise of her work? Rest assured that only the accident of Bat Ye'or's birth protected her from the "nazi" smear. Because it sure didn't protect Oriana Fallaci who Strømmen has persistently attacked in the most vile of terms, and whose photo still exists on the LGF site. How does Johnson feel about that? And what is next? Will Johnson deny the existence of global jihad as well? The most egregious part is when Charles Johnson says that "GoV is attacking the source and not the message" while at the same time doing the exact same thing when somebody posts information refuting his charges.

Johnson has done some pretty low things but this kind of attack on Bat Ye'or by a notorious apologist for islam is truly beyond all pales.


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