Sunday, November 25, 2007

Weekend personal posts

As of this weekend I'll start writing some personal posts so that all of my readers can find out something about me as a person. Life isn't just politics, you know.

Anyway, this year I finally got married and moved away from my parents and it will be the first time I celebrate my slava. Serbian readers know full well what I am talking about, but for others slava is an exclusively Serbian custom. Each family has it's patron saint that it celebrates. Mine is St.Nicholas and it falls on December 19th(December 6th according to the Julian calendar still used by the Serbian Orthodox Church). On that day the priest usually comes into the home and blesses it as well as the whole family. Slava is also an occasion to gather family and friends around a variety of dishes and drinks. My wife has decided to start the preparations early so she already began looking for appropriate recipes as well as food at a bargain price. I suppose it's because this is the first time and she wishes for everythig to be perfect.

Yesterday I watched football from 4 PM until midnight. You must be thinking that I am insane now! Bolton did not impress me in spite of beating Man United. There is no reason why Red Star shouldn't be able to beat them. Serbia ended it's qualification with a hard-fought 1-0 win over Kazakhstan. Enough said. Then it was Inter against Atalanta in Serie A. Inter's superiority is embarassing, they were practically without their midfield and Ibrahimovic remained oon the bench yet they won without breaking sweat. And as final I saw Real Madrid draw away against Murcia. "Merengues" were rather lackluster and could be satisfied with a point.

In spite of all this football I still managed to catch last 30-40 minutes of the "Shawshank redemption" with Tim Robins and Morgan Freeman. I saw in in a theatre some 12 years ago and let me tell you it's much better on the big screen. Talking of which, it's been ages since I've been in the cinema, but then again there is not much to see. December usually brings something so I'll pay attention.

Sunday was workout day and then football on TV in the afternoon again. But no worries, my life isn't that monotonous and I'll show it next weekend hopefully.


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